We've got to wait until February to see what Wong Kar Wai made of his first English-language film, My Blueberry Nights -- it finally goes into limited release the day before Valentine's Day -- February 13, 2008. In the meantime, he's made a short film that has found its way online. In July, it was announced that the filmmaker would make an exclusive short for Philips' new televisions -- the Ambilight series. Riffing on the idea that this new generation of TV's does wonders with light and color, Wong Kar Wai was brought on to make a film that taps into "the concept of seduction by light."

Of course, looking for a saturated, color-infused film, he was the man to pick. Philips' CEO, Rudy Provoost, said: "Innovation isn't just about increased functionality anymore. It's about creating experiences, seducing the senses and bringing emotion into the world of technology. That's why the movie for our campaign [...] had to be crafted by a master of seduction in cinema."

The short, There's Only One Sun, is now online, over at Philips' Aurea website. It's a strange, slow-paced colorful tale of a female secret agent who dresses like a model and has to hunt down someone called "Light," using a "Lightcatcher." Even if you're not into strange, surreal narratives, or obvious product placement, it's worth the few minutes to check out the visuals that the filmmaker put together for this short -- it's a pretty darned saucy little film.

[via Thompson on Hollywood]