Mash-ups are all the rage these days as songs, movies, and every sort of media find their disparate parts joined into a usually surprisingly-cohesive whole. Now the filmmakers themselves are getting into the trend. Jam! reports that Canadian director Bruce McDonald has put together a nifty little project -- he's uploaded tons of raw footage from his experimental film, The Tracey Fragments, onto the film's sweet-looking website, along with the script and the Broken Social Scene soundtrack -- days before it gets released.

According to the report, the footage is in four files, each weighing in at approximately 4.5 gigs. Those who bite and get creative with the clips are invited to post them on YouTube and take part in their contest. McDonald will check out the creations, and along with his editors, they'll pick a winner who will get an Apple Final Cut Pro prize pack, and a chance to appear in the film's DVD special features. Not a bad deal -- especially since people often do this just for their own amusement.

The flick definitely lends itself to a lot of interpretations, as our James Rocchi explained from Cannes this year: "Tracey's story skips all over the place, and so does the film; every shot in The Tracey Fragments is made up of multiple panels -- now and then ordered in geometric precision, occasionally as random and shattered as Tracey's thoughts and life." To make it all even more interesting and view-worthy, it stars Ellen Page. What more could you want?