I'm not sure how many actors need to turn down roles in the upcoming Justice League of America movie before they just to tuck their movie production tail between their legs and run away. Man, they've got to be close. Jessica Biel's turned down Wonder Woman, and they're really having a heck of a time finding interested actors. MTV now reports that Stomp the Yard'sColumbus Short, who has got This Christmas and Whiteout on the way, is among those who have turned down the chance.

The actor told the site he was up for the movie, having been approached to take on John Stewart/The Green Lantern. But he didn't refuse out of comic disgust. Short says: "Justice League is going to be dope; it's going to be huge. But it's not the movie for me." While he used to be set on becoming the first really big African-American feature film superhero, now he says: "I think there comes a point in an actor's career when he decides what type of actor you want to be. [Each actor] decides: I want to do commercial movies, but do I want to go this way? Or do I want to go that way?" Apparently, he didn't want to don tights and take that route.

The cynic in me wonders if he's just being nice, and would be interested in the role, or a similar superhero role, if it wasn't such a rush-job movie. Whatever the case, he's out, and JLA is back to square one. Will anyone want to be in this thing? Is this a lost cause?
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