family guyHere's a bit of news that we figured would happen sooner or later, but it's nice to see everyone involved confirming it. Those Family Guy fans should remember how this season they began with an hour-long episode that re-created Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope within the Family Guy universe. Well, now, because of the success of that show, Seth McFarlane and his gang are stepping up to target The Empire Strikes Back next. Speaking to IESB at the 100th episode party, the very hot Mila Kunis (who voices Meg on the show) said that the cast had already done a table read of the Empire script. Friggin' sweet!

When they caught up with McFarlane a little later on, he also confirmed the table read and added that they are absolutely doing it. When asked which Family Guy character would be playing Boba Fett, McFarlane noted that the "Giant Chicken would fill Fett's boots." Fans should know the Giant Chicken from its ridiculously long fight sequences with the character Peter Griffin -- voiced by McFarlane -- who took on Han Solo in the New Hope episode. So if they're doing Empire, does that mean Return of the Jedi will come next? McFarlane said it all depends on the success of Empire, but that they'd love to do it if given the chance. Personally, I think spoofs of the first three episodes would be hilarious as well ... who knows where they'll go with it. Oh, and if they do take on Jedi, hopefully we'll get a sweet DVD with all three episodes. Currently, there's no word on when the Empire episode will air.

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