I've spent the last few days combing through all the photo submissions we're getting for this year's Halloween Costume Contest, and let me just say that these people are nutty. We're getting tons and tons of costume pics, from folks who've taken great care in putting together outfits that are just -- I don't even know what to say -- interesting, I suppose. Verrry interesting. For those interested in participating, check out the post, as well as all the rules (note: please read the rules!), and get your photo in by November 4. That's this Sunday, and it also happens to be my wedding anniversary -- which, I think, means I'll be broke come the end of this weekend.

Anyway, looking at all these costumes reminded me of my most successful Halloween costume over the years. Back in 2003, I dressed up as Krusty the Clown and participated in New York City's annual Halloween Parade in the West Village. If you're in NYC, and have never been to the parade, you need to get over there ... it's a blast. And while I couldn't see a damn thing out of my Krusty mask, a good 150 people stopped me to take a picture, kids were shouting "Krusty! Krusty!," and even NYC police officers were pulling me aside to snap a pic. I felt like a celebrity for the night, and it was definitely second on my list of most memorable Halloweens (read about my most memorable Halloween over here). I haven't dressed up and gone out (to a party, parade, whatever) since dressing up as Krusty, because it would be way too tough to top that night. What about you? What was your most successful Halloween costume?

(Note: I spent two hours searching for a pic of me as Krusty, but for some reason it has been erased from my computer. So, please enjoy that pic above of some dude sporting the same costume I wore on that particular night.)