And now I present you with the giganto rumor of the day; one I'm not so sure I believe, but why not let you readers decide how legit this may or may not be. IESB is reporting that they've heard through one of their top secret sources that George Clooney has been offered the role of Duke in the upcoming live-action G.I. Joe movie. You might recall that folks were originally targeting Mark Wahlberg for this role, but that casting fell through. Now, it appears, Clooney's name has popped up for whatever reason. For those of you up to date on all things Clooney, you might be wondering why he would take on this role if he just opted out of Joe Carnahan's White Jazz because of hectic scheduling concerns. And considering Jazz was tapped to begin its production around the same time G.I. Joe was set to go, wouldn't Clooney still be too busy to film it?

Well, and here's where you'll need to take a giant leap, IESB claims Clooney turned down Jazz because he's itching to star in a big blockbuster. But is he? Really? IESB is still waiting to hear back from Clooney's reps, who will most certainly deny this whole thing (because that's what reps do), but even if he was offered the role (which might be true --why wouldn't you go after the big guns first?), I really can't see Clooney taking it. Personally, his schedule is packed. Not only is he finishing up the Coen Bros. new movie, but his latest directorial effort, Leatherheads, was pushed back to the spring because Clooney still had more work to do on it. I can't see him taking on a role that films this winter when he needs that time to complete and promote Leatherheads. Regardless of this whole thing, it will be interesting to see how casting unfolds for G.I. Joe, as they'll most likely target some top A-list actors for their main roles. Clooney, Wahlberg, who's next ... Ice Cube? (Shouldn't take you long to pick up that reference ....)

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