Those crazy artists, always experimenting sexually. Big deal. Nothing new. Right? Oh wait, the idea still has people intrigued. Remember those lesbian scenes in Frida? Of course you do -- they're the only reason you watched the film. But will you be as interested in seeing a young Salvador Dalí make it with a man, specifically Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca, as you were in seeing Salma Hayek kiss Ashley Judd? A UK-Spain production must be hoping so; it not only has the distinction of being about the 100th Dalí film in the works right now, but it also describes itself as the "racy" and "sexy" one, and will likely be released into the public reception as "the gay Dalí movie".
According to Guardian Unlimited, the film is titled Little Ashes, named for one of Dalí's paintings, and it isn't exactly based on any definite evidence. In fact, Dalí reportedly acknowledged being the object of Lorca's homosexual affection multiple times, but denied they ever became physical and insisted that he continually rejected the poet. However, the film's screenwriter, Philippa Goslett, stands by her depiction of the events. She claims to have done enough research to believe that the men consummated in some way. The way the script apparently shows it, as far as Guardian Unlimited relays it, is Dalí wants to have sex with Lorca but can't and then ends up merely acting as a voyeur, watching while Lorca sleeps with a woman.

Little Ashes is apparently done shooting, having been filmed primarily in Barcelona on a low budget of £1.4 million (roughly $2.9 million -- I think). Paul Morrison (Solomon and Gaenor) directed the film, with Robert Pattinson, best known as "Cedric Diggory" in the Harry Potter movies, playing Dalí. Spanish newcomer Javier Beltran is Lorca and Matthew McNulty (Control) portrays a young Luis Buñuel. On a related yet personal note, I must address to all my friends that this news will have no impact on my long-decided plan to go as Dalí for Halloween this year (I'm broke, and it's cheap -- you only need a long mustache and a suit!).
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