Almost every day I receive an email from another online movie writer pointing me toward a "hot" story they've written on a "hot" topic. Some of these I decide are worthy of a post, some are not. This evening Devin from CHUD was the latest name to pop into my inbox, and he's got some tasty Halloween treats that I personally think you might want to check out. First off, the first full-length Cloverfield (or 1-18-08, or Untitled J.J. Abrams Mind-F*ck) is said to be arriving on November 16, with a confirmed title, but Devin claims to have seen the trailer (or an earlier version of it) and he's published a full report with all kinds of details. Most notably, he says the trailer ends with the title Cloverfield. Granted, knowing Abrams and his crew, they may not stick a title in until the very last minute. Additionally, even if this is the real title, I wouldn't put it past Abrams to change it once all these reports start cropping up online.

Moving on ... based on the description, the trailer seems pretty cool. Lots of what we've seen before; people running, screaming, military folks, rockets, helicopters, the Statue of Liberty's head on the ground somewhere -- but, finally, it seems we get a tiny glimpse of this monster (or shall I say, group of monsters) that are attacking New York City. According to Devin "...there's footage of army guys running and shadows on a wall. Shadows of a screaming woman being attacked by a small monster (possibly two - either she's being pulled away from the monster by someone behind her or there's another monster behind her). It's confirmed: the movie has a big beast and small ones. Like the American Godzilla." He also adds that we briefly see another, larger monster pass between two buildings, but he couldn't make out the details. So it looks like Abrams and Co. will keep their monsters well hidden until closer to release.

Oh, and if it ends up the flick is called Cloverfield, well, that'd be totally lame. I vote for Super Kick-Ass Monster Movie! But that's me.

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