UPDATE: New Joker photo has been uncovered on the WhySoSerious site (along with a taste of dialogue: "And tonight you're gonna break your one rule"), which leads to another site, Rory's Death Kiss ... and to what appears to be another game. Ugh, I'm starting to hate these games. Let us know what you discover ...

I've been flooded with emails this morning from folks pointing me toward WhySoSerious.com, that Dark Knight viral site which, up until early this morning, was housing a rotting pumpkin with a candle inside. And guess what's on the site -- more clues! I'm either way too old or way too tired to start dissecting the monster, although it doesn't seem all that hard. Apparently, the Joker leaves 49 clues for 21 cities across the United States. And within each clue there are instructions on where to go and stand in that city. Since my ass is definitely not leaving the apartment and traveling 45 minutes into NYC to stand in the middle of the street and look up, we'll have to rely on those of you who just so happen to be in these areas at the time the clue calls for.

Last time something like this happened, it was during ComicCon (while the Warner Bros. panel was taking place), and a phone number appeared in the sky. Folks called the number for a web address, and if I recall that web address took them to the first teaser trailer for the film. I'd hope that by asking people in 21cities to go to a specific place at a specific time that they'll be getting something worth their while. Don't just hang a teaser poster with the release date on it. Please. Anyway, I've posted the clues from each city after the jump, courtesy of Slashfilm, and you can head over there for up-to-the-minute scavenger hunt details, as folks are going to town on the entire puzzle. And if you do happen to swing by one of these spots, definitely let us know what you see. The Dark Knight arrives in theaters on July 18.

UPDATE: It seems the phrase on the WhySoSerious page reads: "The Only Sensible Way to Live in this World is Without Rules."

[Thanks Vic, Dan and Anthony]

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