Cinematical has just received the first of four behind-the-scenes clips from the upcoming film The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep. Based on the book by Dick King-Smith, the film takes us back to the 1930s where a young Scottish boy discovers a mysterious egg that has washed up on shore. Little does he know, but out of the egg comes a creature he names Crusoe, which just happens to look a whole lot like something we like to call the Loch Ness Monster. At first, the boy tries to hold onto Crusoe, raise it in a bathtub -- the whole nine -- but eventually the thing grows so large, there's only one place to put it: Loch Ness. In the video above, go behind the scenes with director Jay Russell, producer Charlie Lyons and those dazzling magicians over at WETA as they show what went into creating this amazing looking creature. This is the first of four videos we'll be showing you, so sit back and enjoy -- The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep stars Emily Watson, Alex Etel and David Morrissey, and it arrives in theaters this Christmas.