Ah, Robert Mapplethorpe. I knew his name long before I ever saw his art. While his photographs were making waves, I would always hear about Mapplethorpe, aka, "That guy who takes pictures of guys peeing on each other." Obviously, I'd hear lots of good things about him. If you ever wondered about the controversial photographer, you'll now be able to learn a little more about his life. indieWIRE has reported that Fortissimo Films has nabbed the worldwide sales rights to James Crump's documentary called Black White + Gray: A Portrait of Sam Wagstaff & Robert Mapplethorpe.

The doc mainly focuses on the relationship between curator Wagstaff and photographer Mapplethorpe, as well as their time with musician Patti Smith. Wagstaff was a man who went from service on the coast of Normandy to an art curator who brought Mapplethorpe into the world of photography in New York City, and who also had a long-term relationship with him. There's a ton of info on the film's website, as well as a pretty mellow trailer. There's also clips on the site that feature interviews with Smith, Dominick Dunne, Philippe Garner, Ralph Gibson, and Timothy Greenfield-Sanders. And, of course, we can't forget the drugs and S&M. The documentary has already screened at Tribeca, and opened theatrically in New York. For the non-Big Apple viewers who aren't overseas, Sundance Channel has gotten the TV rights.
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