After wrapping up The X Files, Gillian Anderson practically went into hiding. She's had a small handful of roles, some time in Bleak House, and that's about it. But maybe there's just something about X Files air that makes her feel like working and making the money. She's wrapped How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, and along with the X Files sequel, she's got a few other flicks on the way. There's No One Gets Off in This Town on her docket, and Variety reports that's she's now signed on for Kfir Yefet'sThe Smell of Apples.

Set in South Africa during the '70s, Apples is a coming-of-age drama based on Mark Behr's novel. Marnus Erasmus is a young kid from an affluent, white, South African family who grows in a house of "terrible hatred and ignorance." Yet he's also challenged by the events that happen around him, from a servant's son who is severely burned, to an aunt who is exiled for her liberal views. I imagine that Anderson will play Marnus' mother, and Julian McMahon, who is co-starring, will probably be the dad and "youngest-ever major-general in the South African Defence Force." Variety says the production, which will gear up in the new year, will be the first film from the partnership between Pink Sands, a UK production house, and the London-based Target Entertainment. But first, of course, Gillian needs to chill with aliens again for all of those Scully fiends out there.
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