In July, I alerted you to a new coming-of-age drama in the works -- I Know You Know. It's about a kid who thinks his dad might work undercover for the British Secret Intelligence Service, otherwise known as SIS or MI6. It's the second feature for writer/director Justin Kerrigan, who is the man behind the late '90s club film Human Traffic. And Robert Carlyle, everyone's favorite Begbie, had signed on to star. Now Variety has reported that Little Film Company has picked up the worldwide distribution rights, and there's a better synopsis and added cast for the film, which will begin shooting in Cardiff, Wales this November.

As Variety describes it, the film focuses "on a teenager who is fascinated by his father's espionage work until the world of spies becomes all too real and he slowly begins to understand that his father is occupying a different reality." I guess it's sort of like the dudes who want to blow people up, and then realize they have to go through boot camp before first. But, more serious. However it plays, it'll be cool to see Carlyle as a spy dad.

Newcomer Aaron Fuller, who is only 13, has been cast as the curious son. According to icWales, Fuller got cast although he's never had an acting lesson, and never thought about being an actor until a casting call went out at his school. They're all saying he's a natural. But that's not the only new cast member that has been added since word broke on the picture. David Bradley, who creeps people out as Argus Filch in the Harry Potter series, will also co-star.
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