I don't know about you, but when I'm faced with a heap of laundry, I throw on some weaponry and become The Laundry Warrior. Okay, not at all. I actually throw loads into the machine, and distract myself with video games. Regardless, I'm fairly intrigued about any flick that pops up with a name like Sngmoo Lee's fantasy film, The Laundry Warrior. Variety reports that it's an English-language hero film currently getting ready to film in New Zealand on November 12.

But it isn't some totally obscure flick with a cast you wouldn't know. Under Lord of the Rings producer Barrie Osborne, the picture has collected a cast that includes Geoffrey Rush, Kate Bosworth, and Jang Dong-gun. With a $45 million budget, Laundry follows a fugitive Asian warrior played by Jang, who hides "in the American badlands, where he encounters the town drunk (Rush) and a beautiful, but troubled woman." Now, Variety doesn't have a nice, helpful paranthetical note for Bosworth, but I imagine she's the troubled gal that they mention.

After teaching at the New York Film School for a handful of years, this will be Lee's directorial debut. Producer Michael Peyser says: "We draw on two great milieux, the Samurai movie and the Western. We will deliver a stylized, partly anime feel, with the techniques of 300, but a look that is brighter." So, a Western Samurai movie shot like a bright 300 -- yay or nay?
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