Having ranted my fingers off under a coffee high over some Jessica Simpson/Grease casting rumors, I'm going to try and calm down with some less-incendiary casting nibbles from Variety:
  • Ugly Betty co-star Vanessa Williams has signed on for a role in Paramount Pictures' NowhereLand. Unfortunately, there's no word on who she will play, although IMDb says her character is called Lori Struthers, but that doesn't help too much. The film, which has Eddie Murphy dipping into his daughter's fantasy world to fix his work issues, already has Nicole Ari Parker signed on for his estranged wife. The flick is currently filming, so we'll probably hear lots more about it soon enough.
  • He's been Spawn. He voiced Doomsday in one Justice League series, and the Green Lantern in another. He's currently taking a stab as Gamble in The Dark Night, and now Michael Jai White has also signed on to star in an indie action movie called Blood and Bone. While it's got a 2007 date over at IMDb, Variety says that it has just started lensing in LA. I guess he's already finished shooting his part of the latest Batman then. Whatever the case, he might just be an example how how you can do hero projects over and over without having to stick to just one.
  • Finally, there's a new role on the way for Jordi Vilasuso, who you might have caught in his stint as Tony Santos on The Guiding Light, or Eddie Zarouvian in Fashion House. Now the actor has signed on to play Diablo in La Linea. That's the picture I told you about in September that already has guys like Danny Trejo, Joe Morton, and Ray Liotta. Centering on assassins, drug cartels, and Tijuana, Vilasuso's character is a "homosexual drug lord." That's gotta be tough with all the testosterone surrounding this pic.

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