There's nothing like a little Jim Jarmusch to get the blood flowing.There's Johnny Depp traveling the frontier in Dead Man. Or, perhaps some Coffee & Cigarettes with the wonderful Tom Waits. Or even something like Broken Flowers that has Bill Murray looking for a long-lost son while Jeffrey Wright goes nuts with the channeling of Nancy Drew. (I would love a whole movie with Wright as a zany sleuth.) Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jarmusch is teaming up with Focus Features again, who will deal with the film's worldwide distribution, for his next project -- the currently-titled The Limits of Control.

The movie focuses on "a secretive, mysterious outlaw" played by Jarmusch pro Isaach De Bankolé, who is "in the process of completing an undisclosed criminal job around Spain." Like Flowers, the actor will be teamed with "an international collection of bankable stars" to up the appeal to wider audiences. He has, however, had his own share of high-profile flicks, nabbing parts as Steven Obanno in Casino Royale, and Neptune in Miami Vice. (Although my favorite role of his is his stint as Timothy in Manderlay -- iffy movie, good role.) Either way, the casting plan worked last time, as Flowers nabbed the Grand Prix award at Cannes, and was the filmmaker's highest-grossing film. Production begins in Spain this February.
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