Yum! Are your tummies still hurting from all the candy you stole borrowed from your younger siblings and / or children last night? Halloween may be over, but today is the actual Day of the Dead and I can't think of a better way to celebrate than to watch exploding blood and guts. The good folks at JoBlo.com have just the thing: a new, gory, R-rated clip from the upcoming Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

This clip follows those crazy "Predalien" pictures that Erik Davis told us about a few days ago. From the pics, Erik thought the creature appeared to be "a mix-up job of the Predator and Alien that looks absolutely terrifying." In the clip, a group of humans encounter multiple creatures in what looks like a storage room. Blood -- both human and alien -- is spilled, profanity is expressed and terror screams out its name. The best part? It's NSFW!

I skipped Alien vs. Predator (terror is not spelled "PG-13"), but I'm hoping for the best with the new version. After watching the Predalien in action, though, I have to say: dude looks short. Not Mini-Me short, but not as tall as I'd imagined. Maybe he shouldn't stand so close to the humans? Maybe it's just the angles in the clip?

Also, after previous indications that the film would cut back on special effects, there's at least one shot in the clip that is blatantly CGI. Maybe that's all the digital blood we'll see? Doubtful, but hope springs eternal. If you follow the link to JoBlo.com, you can also take a peek at two newly-revealed UK posters. Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem explodes into theaters just in time for Christmas.