Although I regretfully missed it when the film premiered last May at the Tribeca Film Festival, The Hollywood Reporter tells us that IFC has picked up Alex Holdridge's In Search of a Midnight Kiss which they'll release through their IFC First Take day-and-date program at some point next year. The romantic comedy centers on Wilson (Scoot McNairy) who, after suffering through the worst year of his life, decides to put a personal ad on Craigslist and winds up spending New Years Eve with a girl (Sara Simmonds) searching for the right man to kiss at midnight.

I had seen Holdridge's 2003 film Sexless back when it was touring the festival circuit, and thought it had a lot of potential for an extremely low-budget flick. When I missed Midnight Kiss at Tribeca, my good friend Aaron, who helps manage the film division over at Gen Art, tortured me for weeks. He absolutely adores this film, and so when I asked him for a quote he replied with the following: "Midnight Kiss is both beautiful and raw at the same time. So rarely do you see a movie that flows from moments of hilarity to compassion, then back again without missing a beat. It's easy to see why; director Alex Holdridge and his close-knit crew of actors truly care about the story being told, and this one will stick with me for a long time..." This comes from a guy who's job it is to watch hundreds upon hundreds of indie films each year. If he digs it (and he most certainly does), then I'm sure you will too. Keep an eye out for this; In Search of a Midnight Kiss ... arriving in theaters and in your living room (on the same day!) next year.

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