I just love the word metabolism. Some people wish they had a good one, so they could eat whatever they wanted to. Others think it will explain away eating disorders: "My bones naturally stick out of my skin like this. I have a high metabolism!" This is especially prevalent in Hollywood, which leads me to believe that those high-price plastic surgeons have a high metabolism shot that they offer with routine botox. But I'm getting off-track. This new pic isn't about super-thin actresses, but is rather the latest deal for graphic novelist Scott Christian Sava.

Disney has the Pet Robots, but MTV has got the rights to Hyperactive, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The upcoming graphic novel is about a teen "whose overactive metabolism grants him incredible speed and enhanced agility." See, this makes me wonder: if a metabolism can make you super-skinny, just how much would you have to eat to not only have the normal energy, but the juice to fuel the speed and agility? Or, is that just a side effect? Anyhow, THR also says: "In the story, teen Joey Caram must constantly stay one step ahead of a pharmaceutical company who is chasing him to extract his DNA. Caram must evade capture and rescue his kidnapped family." That last bit seems a bit out of left field. For reasons unknown, his family has been taken, and he has to escape the urgent needles chasing him to save them. Well, at the very least, it should be interesting. There's no writer attached yet, so it'll be a while before we see what MTV makes of it.
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