On October 11, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls officially wrapped production, and a new video has popped up on the official Indiana Jones website celebrating the occasion. Earlier this year, the first video revealed a toast from director Steven Spielberg to his crew on the first day of shooting. There wasn't much to see, except for George Lucas in a "Han Shot First' t-shirt, but in this latest video they actually go back to each Indiana Jones film and show footage from the last day of shooting. On both the first and the third film, we see Spielberg call it a wrap, but on the second -- Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom -- I'm not quite sure if it is the last shot, but we see video of them shooting the final bridge sequence.

So basically, we go through each film before settling in on the fourth. We see shots of the entire cast (we get a brief look at Cate Blanchett and John Hurt for the first time) in what appears to be interview mode, leading me to believe that future videos will incorporate interviews with the cast. Finally, we see Spielberg, with a glass of champagne, toasting his crew once again ... however, unfortunately, we do not get to see the final shot. Additionally, it appears the website is gearing up for a big marketing run leading up to its May 22, 2008 release -- adding top bars for stuff like galleries, news, adventures, games, merch, community and one for Marshall College. The majority of them only show a "coming soon" at this point, but I expect the website to be hella active in the coming months. Next up: Our first trailer?