After cracking up over that Vin Diesel break-dancing footage from yesterday, I came across this video of Kevin Smith protesting his own film, Dogma, outside a theater chain in New Jersey. This one goes wayyy back (1999, to be exact), before Smith up and left for La La Land (traitor!). Here, Smith looks like he just stepped out of Go Go Rama (Jersey folks should know what that is), and onto a picket line with a group of nutty Christians. A news crew showed up to interview those folks who were protesting, and while Smith wouldn't give up his identity, the package that aired questions whether or not he was really the director. When asked about the film, Smith replies: "I don't think it stands for anything positive." The reporter asks, "What does it stand for?" To which Smith replies, "I don't know, but I've been told not good."

Additionally, after watching the video above, head on over after the jump to check out Smith speaking to an audience about the whole ordeal. I actually think him telling the story is better than the actual protest video (including what he really has written on those signs), but watching both videos together makes for some quality entertainment. Say what you want about Smith and his films, but the guy is one heckuva speaker. Cracks me up every time.