We may only be hours away from a writer's strike, but that's not stopping the deals from rolling in. The Hollywood Reporter tells us Woody Harrelson will join Katie Holmes (who's still in talks), Giovanni Ribisi and Jason Lee in an odd comedic fantasy adventure from writer-director David Michaels called The Other Side. The film will follow "a female grad student who, while spending a summer on remote Destiny Island for her scholarship to study fish, discovers a strange world of unusual characters hiding a dark secret." Let me guess -- none of them are Tom Cruise fans. Is that their dark secret? If Holmes signs on, she'll play the girl studying fish, while Harrelson will play both the father and son who fund her scholarship (that won't look odd), Ribisi will play her romantic love interest (if he can keep his eyes open) and Lee will take on a number of roles. Heck, where's Eddie Murphy when you need him?

This would mark Holmes' second role since taking a few years off to have a kid and convince the world that her marriage is semi-normal. And I'd like to see her in stuff like this. One of my favorite roles from Holmes was in the film Go, where she played a random girl all hopped up on love and Santa. She was also very good as the ultra-hipster with not a dollar to her name in Pieces of April. In my opinion, she's at her best when she plays quirky -- that girl who's a little off, but you'd still date her a few times for the hell of it. Oh, and let's hand it to Jason Lee as well for finally escaping big-screen animation for a number of different live-action roles ... in the same movie. I like this cast, and I hope the movie is just as good.

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