In May, the battle of the Renaissance Fairs was set. Jack Black signed to play tutor-of-love Professor Shockworthy in Ye Olde Times, the story of "two rival fairs vying for ownership of all things Middle Ages." I've already been imagining Black donning some fishnets, and channeling some Transsylvanian sauciness and professorly exposition, while wondering how Tim Robbins, Will Arnett, Cary Elwes, and John C. Reilly fit in the mix. (Although Elwes is the only one of this group listed on IMDb.) Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that David Arquette, Matthew Lillard, and Orlando Jones are the latest names to join the cast.

Fittingly typecast, Arquette and Lillard will play actors in a medieval troupe who work with a cheesy Renaissance Fair. This should be old hat for David when the pic gears up -- he's currently filming Hamlet 2, a comedy about a drama teacher trying to save his department by developing a sequel to Hamlet with his kids. Jones, meanwhile, is part of a rival troupe "committed to only serious productions of real Shakespeare." I wouldn't be surprised if Elwes is also one of the other serious Shakespearian actors. That part's all clear, but then things get vague as Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds) is so specifically "the romantic male lead." Again, there's no actresses listed with this production yet, so I'm forced to believe we're going to get some sexy man-lovin'. Or, maybe they'll go the old-school theater route and have men play the female roles as well. That could make things interesting. Unfortunately, there's no word on when this project will begin production.
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