He's already stirred things up with last year's controversial Turkish war movie called Valley of the Wolves: Iraq. Now Billy Zane has been cast in something that should be a little more palatable to US moviegoers, but still won't be inspiring patriotic nostalgia, unless thievery is the way to your patriotic heart. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Zane has signed on for a role in producer Paul Bruel's Belgian WWII movie -- The Hessen Affair. This will be Bruel's directorial debut, from a script by Oscar nominee Nicholas Meyer, the pen behind The Human Stain, and Ronald Roose (Collateral Damage). With a tidy sum of $20 million, the thriller has got Zane joining Lyne Renee, Michael Bowen (Lost), and Noah Segan (Brick), who are all coming off of John Daly's upcoming film, The Box Collector.

Based on a true story, Hessen "is set in 1945 and revolves around victorious American officers who uncover a stash of German jewels that they smuggle to New York to fence." Zane will be played one of the officers, or someone else in the army, as THR says he's donning an Army uniform for his role. Bruels says: "The script is the base of it all, and there is no doubt that this one is among Nicholas Meyer's best work. Good scripts attract good actors, and this one is no exception." The film will begin production this month in Canada, and then fly off to Belgium to wrap in February.

If you're still itching for more Zane man, he's got a ton of projects on the way. There's his starring role in the action/thriller Perfect Hideout, a supporting stint in the swing dance movie Love N' Dancing, something more Western with The Man Who Came Back, time as Ciara's manager in Mama, I want to Sing!, and possibly a 4Chosen film cherry topper.
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