In his review of Frontiere(s), our own Scott Weinberg wrote: "After Haute Tension hit the scene and caused a little bit of buzz (if very little attention from the U.S. box office), it only seemed to be a matter of time before a few new freaky French horror flicks would rear their unseemly heads." I haven't seen Frontiere(s), which was recently bumped from the HorrorFest lineup, but I saw the absolutely ferocious Inside (A l'interieur) at Fantastic Fest. You can read Scott's full review for his spot-on take; alternatively, you can read Harry Knowles' review at Ain't It Cool News, where I was mentioned, though not by name: "I saw many on my row hiding their eyes." Yup, I was one of the "many"!

More French horror is on the way. Magnet Releasing, the genre arm of Magnolia Pictures, has announced that it has acquired North American distribution rights to Eden Log, according to Variety. The premise is that "a man ... wakes up in total darkness at the bottom of a cave, unaware of how he got there. While pursued by a scary creature, the man tries to climb back to the Earth's surface through a cemetery-like maze abandoned by a mysterious corporation called Eden Log." Sounds like Resident Evil meets The Descent, doesn't it? But the French-language teaser looks sweet -- if, like me, you enjoy dark chocolate brought to a boil. "Bon voyage!"

Directed by Franck Vestiel, Eden Log is currently in post-production. The film is scheduled for release in France at Christmas with North American release following sometime in 2008. I can't wait to hide my eyes again.

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