Oh, how I used to wish for a future with funky, memorable, wonderful, and cultish Richard Kelly movies for years to come. Unfortunately, I've lost my faith. I loved Donnie Darko -- it was random, entertaining, and it merged actors from all different periods of my moviegoing life. Then I saw the director's cut, which was too over-explained for me, although I'm still eternally grateful for the Darkomentary. Now Southland Tales. I waited ages for that sucker, checking the ultra-vague website often; waiting. Then it came out to boos, got revamped, and now I'm hearing from some sources that it didn't help.

My future Kelly hopes seem dashed, but even after the flop that was Domino, and the Southland troubles, Kelly is gearing up for his third feature, The Box. Cameron Diaz signed on to star in June, then Frank Langella joined her in October. Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that James Marsden is in final negotiations to play Diaz's husband in the horror film. The film is about: "an unhappily married couple who receive a box from a stranger (Langella) who tells them that if they push a button on the box, they'll receive a hefty amount of cash -- and someone they don't know will die." If it was as simple as that, there wouldn't be a movie, so I imagine those cash-givers are tricky and will make it someone connected to a future boss, family member, or something to throw a wrench in their already-crappy lives.

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