One of my favorite films of the entire year (so far), Juno, just got a bumped up release date of December 5 the other day, and now it has a spandy-new poster, too (click on the image above for an even bigger view of what tiny Ellen Page would look like with a big old pregnant belly. The poster nicely captures the quirky feel of the film (I just LOVE those dorky yellow gym shorts on Michael Cera, don't you?), especially the character of Juno, who's very much a kid in spite of the baby growing inside her.

We've talked a lot about Juno here on Cinematical, and when we pimp a film this much, it's because we think it's something special. If you don't live in NYC or LA, where Juno opens in limited release on December 5, keep an eye out for its arrival in a theater near you. If I could only recommend one film this whole fall season, it would be definitely be Juno. I'm looking for the film to score some Oscar noms -- if I don't see screenwriter Diablo Cody, director Jason Reitman, and Page with noms for this film (and while we're at it, how about a supporting nod for Jennifer Garner?), I'm gonna be seriously annoyed with the Academy come Oscar day,

While you're anxiously pacing the waiting room, kill some time watching the Juno trailer again, or read our Telluride interviews with Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody.