While all folks involved are still working on getting a live-action Halo flick off the ground, that film's producer, Peter Jackson, and director, Neill Blomkamp, have settled on something different to mark Blomkamp's feature directorial debut. Variety tells us that both men will move forward with a live-action, sci-fi flick called District 9, which Jackson will produce through his Wingnut Films. Blomkamp also wrote the script, along with Teri Tatchell, and production is set to begin this spring in South Africa, where Blomkamp is from.

Unfortunately, there are no story details at this time, but based on that "live-action, sci-fi" description, it would appear that District 9 will serve as another calling card for Jackson and Blomkamp to use to convince studios that Blomkamp is the right man for the Halo job. We already know that pre-production continues on Halo in New Zealand, and right now it's all about finding a studio (or studios) willing to eat up some of that high budget and take a chance on the young filmmaker. In addition to his very cool short film, Alive in Joburg, Blomkamp also recently directed three live-action short films promoting the Halo 3 video game. Though there's no word on plot for District 9, I wonder if it will have anything to do with Blomkamp's Joburg. That short told the story of a group of aliens who become refugees in South Africa. It was live action, had sci-fi elements and was shot in South Africa. Could it be a feature-length version? Who knows, but after watching it several times, I'm convinced Blomkamp has one helluva future ahead of him.

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