I've got yet more proof that Peter O'Toole has been replaced by a robot. The man is in his mid-70s, and after steadily doing a few projects here and there for years, he's taking on a cajillion, million roles. I seriously don't know where he's finding the energy, but now he's added another film to the roster, and possibly another chance at that little, elusive statue. The Hollywood Reporter has posted that O'Toole will join his Tudors co-stars Jeremy Northam and Sam Neill, along with Australia'sBryan Brown, in a new film called Dean Spanley. It's almost like someone was watching that show and figured they'd just cast from there, rather than go through the effort of a long search.

The feature is going to be the sophomore effort of Toa Fraser, who got the World Cinema Audience Prize at Sundance for his first film, No.2. Written by Rob Roy scribe Alan Sharp, THR describes it as a film: "Set in Edwardian England, where upper lips are always stiff and men from the Colonies are not entirely to be trusted, Spanley reveals just how deep an Englishman's love for his dog can go." Yeah, so the beginning sounds so very O'Toole, but I'm not sure what's up with the whole dog twist. There's nothing quite like a good tale of animosity between the Colonies and Mamma England, mixed in with canine love. The film will slip into shooting next month.
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