I was talking to my friend about stars who did commercials before they became well-known, and we happened upon two doozies. But how could I choose which ones to pick for Stars in Rewind? The fact of the matter is that I couldn't, so I'm going to present both of them for your viewing pleasure, and let you pick which one you like better. I imagine there will be a clear winner here, but there's just something about the other that makes me want to give it a chance. Perhaps it's because of my love of ridiculous dancing performed on the hood of old, beaten-down trucks. Whatever the case may be, let the showdown begin!

In one corner, we have Paul Rudd. It's storming; he's at the drive in; and he's ready to wreak havoc with his itching gamer fingers. F-Zero is slammed into the SNES, and off he goes! The sheer awesomeness of games from Zelda to Sim City makes gameboy after gameboy (the humans, not the hand-held system) gather to watch the amazing graphics much, much larger-than-life. Rudd just.... he really just gets the gaming experience, you know?

In the other corner, there's Simon Pegg ready to take him down with a helping of Buttercup. No, it isn't the lover of Dread Pirate Roberts, but rather a cough medicine. He decides to call in sick to work, while camping out under a bridge with his fishing equipment, as well as his dog and a...cow? But just in case you didn't think there were enough animals, there is even one more in the mix as he talks with his boss on his mobile. Between this and Rudd going gamer, I'm really, really itching for a comedy headlining both of them. But for now, I'll just have to settle for these commercials.