For my money, there just haven't been enough gay romance action movies. (Top Gun and 300 don't count.) And gay romance action movies from Thailand -- those are even rarer!

Luckily, TLA Releasing -- always eager to spread a little diversity in the marketplace -- has picked up the rights to Bangkok Love Story, in which a hired assassin who falls in love with his intended target. That part's not terribly original, of course; the twist is that the target is another fella. TLA plans to release it theatrically next summer.

The film was released in Thailand in September and has grossed more than $300,000 -- which isn't too bad, considering there are only 570 movie screens in the entire country, and probably no more than a few of them were playing Bangkok Love Story. It's also competing next week in the 34th International Independent Film Festival Brussels and will be the opening-night selection at the 2007 Hong Kong Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

The director, Poj Arnon, has been a prolific maker of gay-themed films, including one already in 2007 called Haunting Me. The stars ... well, let's be honest, you're not going to recognize their names. But they are Rattanaballang Tohssawat and Chaiwat Tongsaeng. A third central role is played by Suchao Pongwilai, who appeared in the fantastic martial-arts flick Ong-Bak a couple years ago.

There's a 3-minute trailer for the film (with no subtitles) over on the YouTube. It focuses on the romance part rather than the gangster/hitman part. Is it Brokeback Mounthai? We'll find out next summer.
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