Careening from one future release to another like a pinball bouncing from flipper to bumper amidst a cacophony of bells and seizure inducing lights, this week we're moving between trailers via slight but noteworthy connections. Welcome to the Pinball Edition.

The Pefect Holiday
Dear God, it's starting already. The Christmas marketing, I mean. Halloween isn't even cold in its grave, and the stores already have their Christmas displays up without the benefit of a suitable mourning period. As Christmas movies go, this one looks fairly inoffensive. Gabrielle Union plays a mother of three whose youngest asks a department store Santa to find the right guy for her mom. That Santa, who is also an office supply salesman and struggling song writer thinks he might be just the man for the job, and romantic holiday hijinks ensue. Charlie Murphy plays Union's ex and Morris Chestnut plays the Kris Kringle turned Romeo. No Oscar potential here, but I'm betting this one does what it sets out to do. Check out the poster here.

And speaking of Christmas...
What Would Jesus Buy
The idea of Christmas being an over-commercialized holiday has not only been beaten to death, but its carcass has been taken to the taxidermist then propped up on the front porch for all to see (as you can see, I'm having a little trouble getting out of the Halloween spirit). The Peanuts gang was lamenting over this when A Charlie Brown Christmas came out over forty years ago, so it's hardly a fresh idea. This documentary tells the story of Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping Gospel Choir on a cross-country mission to save Christmas from the Shopocalypse. The trailer throws out some figures about how much we all spent last Christmas and the level of consumer debt in America. Personally, I think moaning about the commercialization of Christmas is almost as annoying as the actual commercialization itself. I'll be skipping this one, but you can check out the trailer right here: