[Insert sad, yet hopeful face over there ------>]

Back when I first started writing for Cinematical over two and a half years ago, I didn't know much about the online movie news world. I had been writing my own blog for about two years before that, had come across a few movie blogs in that time, but hadn't quite explored the universe. So, one day, I actually typed 'movie blog' into google, and the first site that popped up was, in fact, The Movie Blog. Created and edited by John Campea, The Movie Blog covered all types of movie news, written from the perspective of a fan. He wrote whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted -- it wasn't high-brow, low-brow or middle-brow ... it just was. Over the years, I've linked to The Movie Blog many times, and they've done the same for us. Additionally, within the past year, I've gotten to know Campea a bit, and even called into his Uncut Podcast last week for the first time to say, "hey." A few of our writers attended Movie Blog parties at ComicCon and in Toronto, and while Campea definitely has his detractors, we've always supported him and his blog.

All that being said, Campea announced yesterday that The Movie Blog is officially shutting down. He's been offered a gig as the managing editor for a new site (as part of the Coming Soon network) called Sci-Fi Mission. That site will be genre specific, like CS's Shock Till You Drop, and will focus on all things sci-fi/fantasy; from movies to television to books and comics. From what I understand, his crew from The Movie Blog will join him there, and they'll still be doing their weekly podcasts, except everything will be sci-fi/fantasy specific. Personally, I'm still not sure how I feel about it. Campea was one heckuva original voice around these parts, and I'll miss his maniacal editorials on all different types of issues. I'm sure the new site will be a fun read, and I completely understand his decision, but the movie blogging community is losing a great resource and for that I am a tad sad. Those of us here at Cinematical wish Campea and his crew good luck over at their new digs, and I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from him in the future. Mazel Tov!

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