Sometimes race isn't as simple as what-you-see-is-what-you-get. Sometimes those little DNA buggers, or whatever determines it, throw a fast one, and before you know it the unfathomable happens. You can get super-cute twin sisters who have drastically different skin color, or a black child born to white parents. The latter is the focus of Skin, which I first blogged about back in May. Now Variety reports that the Little Film Company has sold the feature to a number of international territories that include Brazil, France, and Scandinavia, and the BBC has picked up the the television rights for the UK -- there is, however, no word on North American distribution.

Directed by Anthony Fabian, the music coordinator for Hilary and Jackie, and written along with Helen Crawley, Skin focuses on the true story of a black girl born to white parents in South Africa, and the troubles she experienced with discrimination under apartheid laws. While the film has been floating under the radar, it has a pretty decent cast with stars Sophie Okonedo and Tony Kgoroge from Hotel Rwanda, plus Sam Neill (The Tudors), Alice Krige (Silent Hill), and newcomer Ella Ramangwane. Topping that with the fact that Little Film was also behind the worldwide sales for Tsotsi, and I'm sure we'll see Skin hit shelves at some point.

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