Deadites weren't the only thing that Bruce Campbell fought in that good, scary year of 1981. Aside from the body-stealing buggers and horny trees, Campbell and his friends were attacked by the scariest machine to hit the grass -- a particularly nasty Toro lawnmower. Oh yes, if you haven't heard about this before, he produced and co-starred in Josh Becker and Evil Dead II co-writer Scott Spiegel's short film called Toro. Toro. Toro!

While being used to mow a lawn at a cemetery, the lawnmower gets possessed and starts wreaking havoc on a town -- destroying shoes, people, and a particularly cream-pie-laden lawn party. This is the true Lawnmower Man. It's simple, goofy, and so very wonderfully '80s. It's also beyond me that Campbell hasn't made a lucrative career taking on roles as military men. Have you ever seen such depth brought to a role?! Enjoy!

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