Do a little dance, make a little [fun with Disney] .... get down tonight -- oh yeah, get down tonight. Us Weekly reports Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale will indeed reprise their ultra-popular roles for the upcoming High School Musical 3. Not only that, but their "sources" say Hudgens will receive a "substantial increase" in pay. See kids, that's what you get for going nekked on the internet. Earlier this year, Hudgens was head-deep in a scandal which involved nude photographs of the actress that were spread online; photographs she apparently took in private for her boyfriend and High School Musical co-star Zac Efron. At first it wasn't clean whether the family-friendly Disney would allow Hudgens to return to the series, but then they came out and stood by her -- saying something like "we hope she's learned a valuable lesson."

Not long ago, a rumor claiming Hudgens was dumped by Disney spread like wildfire across these very same internets; a rumor that was very quickly shot down. Now, if Us Weekly is to be believed, the actress will not only be back for part three, but she'll be back with a heavier wallet. Kudos to the folks who negotiated her contract -- I imagine they used Jedi mind tricks on the Disney heads: "You will ask Vanessa to return. And you will pay her more money. And you will take those nude pics of her off your computer." Disney would not confirm the casting reports, only that everyone (including Hudgens) was still in negotiations. Chances are Efron will also reprise his role, though his publicist said a deal is not yet signed. So what do you think about this whole thing? Should Vanessa have opted out of High School Musical and looked for some more adult-themed roles? Or if she smart for remaining on this money train a little while longer?

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