Back in the day, Mel Gibson was the 'it' guy. The tough loved him for roles like Mad Max Rockatansky, while the soft went gaga for his dramatic plights in flicks like Forever Young. It sort of seems like another lifetime ago. Now, having thrown some ultra-violent directorial gigs under his belt, along with a troubling night with booze and a sharp drunken tongue, it seems Gibson is heading back to what made him a star. Hello Magazine reports that his rumored acting project, Under and Alone, will begin filming next year.

Gibson will star in the film, which is the true story of Billy Queen -- an undercover ATF agent who infiltrated the Mongols Motorcycle Club in the late '90s. He became a "full-patch member," nabbed the title of treasurer, and was able to gather enough evidence for the arrests of many Mongols in 2000. The project is based on the agent's book, and has been adapted by Sugarland'sDaniel Barnz and Ned Zeman, along with Gregor Jordan (Ned Kelly) -- the latter of whom will co-direct with Antoine Fuqua (Shooter).

There has been no word of upcoming directorial gigs for Gibson, but he does have another acting project cooking up called Sam and George -- the story of friends who reunite after one (Gibson) has served 20 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Is this the return of actor Mel? Is he going to take a long break from his violent filmmaking? Will audiences forget his past turmoil and love actor Mel once again?

[via Moviehole]
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