I'll admit I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of Ratatouille. Not only did I hate the title (fearing kids would not be able to pronounce it), but I was a tad grossed out at the thought of a rat cooking food. Maybe it's because I live in New York City; a place where rats commonly frequent the streets and subways, in places where one spots them on a pretty regular basis. Thus, it's hard for us New Yorkers to look fondly upon rats and support them in their culinary dreams. I skipped Ratatouille when it first arrived in theaters, but after plenty of good buzz, decided to catch the flick on DVD -- and boy, am I glad I did.

Ratatouille will go down as one of the great films of 2007, and if there ever was a time to slide an animated film in the Oscar's best picture category, it's now -- and this is the film that should be there. Aside from the actual film (which looks absolutely gorgeous on DVD), the disk also comes with two animated short films (Lifted and Your Friend the Rat), as well as some deleted scenes and a fabulous behind-the-scenes feature called Fine Food & Film with director Brad Bird and Chef Thomas Keller. Ratatouille is also available on Blu-ray, where it comes with some additional features such as a java based game called Gusteau's Gourmet Game and a feature that allows viewers to customize their own behind the scenes experience.