Almost two months after the domestic trailer for Iron Manpopped up online, the international teaser has hit YouTube. This sucker is filled with all sorts of action and educational facts about changing trailers for international audiences. Apparently, they don't want beginning exposition, Robert Downey Jr.'s snark, and a build up to the explosions -- they want the big bang and Iron Man action right off the bat. Unfortunately, Black Sabbath doesn't get international love, which is a damned shame -- what's Iron Man without "Iron Man?" And finally, Gwyneth Paltrow gets more play overseas.

If you're an Iron Man fan, or a Paltrow fiend for that matter, you'll want to check this out. It's got a lot of the same scenes, but it focuses much more on the post-suit story instead of the lead-up to its creation. Tony Stark wants "to protect the people that I have put in harm's way!" Pepper Pots, meanwhile, is worried that he'll kill himself. It's the typical struggle between the desire to do good at the risk of oneself, and those that worry about the fearless hero. Sounds good to me.

Even still, the rest of the flick could be junk and I'd still see it. There's little Downey Jr. does that isn't, at the very least, decent. (Although I have no idea why he took a role in Lucky You; I've seen many people's faces contort in pain over memories of watching that.) But I still have one request -- they should make an "Iron Man" music video with RDJ as Ozzy for the DVD. That would be the perfect heroic cherry to this sundae.

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