We got such a great response from our readers to our Halloween Costume Contest that we've decided to give those of you who missed the deadline to enter your awesome movie-themed costumes a last-chance deadline -- midnight PST on Wednesday, November 7 -- to get your entries in. You can find all the rules and details here on the official contest announcement page (please don't forget to send the release form with your entry!) You'll be competing for a spooktacular prize package in either the adult or kid category:


When a Stranger Calls (1979)

Nightmare on Elm Street Box Set
Dawn of the Dead -- Ultimate Edition (1979)
Scream -- Dimension Collectors Series
From Dusk til Dawn -- Dimension Collectors Series
The Thing -- Collectors Edition (1982)
The Exorcist -- The Complete Anthology
Alien Quadrilogy
The Wicker Man -- Two Disc Special Edition(1975)

GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE: YOUTH WINNER (entrants under 18 years of age)

Monster House Widescreen Edition
The Monster Squad Two Disc 20th Anniversary Special Edition
Corpse Bride Widescreen Edition
Peanuts Holiday Collection
Halloweentown/Halloweentown II

In the meantime, we know you wanna see how the competition is shaping up. We're seeing lots of creativity with the costume creations; the big movie sources this year are Transformers, 300, and Batman (well, the Joker anyhow) with several entries each! Slasher and Horror genres are, not surprisingly, well-represented as well.

Below you'll find four galleries full of costume entries to peruse, one for the kids and three for the adults. PLEASE DO NOT VOTE YET! This represents all of the complete entries we have received. If you know you entered and you do not see your entry here, please email me at kim (at) cinematical (dot) com to let me know so we can get you in there. Our staff will whittle these entries down to a slate of finalists for you to vote on. Of course, feel free to give a shout out in the comments to let us know which entrants you like and to give all of them a big round of virtual applause and group hugging.

If you're entering the contest in our last-minute chance to enter, you'll want to read all these important rules (after the jump) before you do so ... seriously, read them. And don't forget to send your release form with your entry!