In case you haven't already heard, the writers officially went on strike at midnight last night, marking the first WGA strike since 1988. Negotiations between the WGA and AMPTP were ongoing last night, but when the clock struck midnight on the east coast, and writer's began their strike, talks collapsed. Both sides claim the other walked out first, but regardless AMPTP refused to discuss the WGA's larger key issues (new media residuals and new media jurisdiction). For us fans, we'll first feel the strike on television with late night shows like David Letterman and The Daily Show going dark immediately, airing re-runs indefinitely. From there it will move onto live television; if the strike lasts through the winter, awards shows like The Golden Globes and Oscars could find themselves without a script and, if the actors decide to align with the WGA, such shows could find themselves without anyone to pick up the statues.

Over in Hollywood, they've stockpiled tons and tons of scripts ahead of time, so we won't feel this strike as much on the big screen for awhile. Problem is, the scripts will need to be shot as is; meaning no re-writes, no nothing. This could potentially lead to a slew of sub-par flicks next year; stuff that was rushed into production without the necessary time and care given to the product. We don't know how long the strike will go on for, but since AMPTP will need to start negotiating the DGA's contract toward the end of this month, it could be some time before the WGA and AMPTP come back together to hammer out a deal. And in that time, expect lots of jobs and money to be lost.

So, I ask you: Have you been following the strike? How do you, as a moviegoer, feel about the whole thing? And for those WGA members out there: What are you doing now?

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