From what I understood, Shia LaBeouf was not like other young celebrities. He's even appeared on late night talk shows explaining how he's different. How he won't be caught out at the clubs, wasted and doing embarrassing things. But just as everybody is due 15 minutes of fame, everybody with more than that quarter hour is due at least one day of scandal. So, here's LaBeouf's moment of controversy, finally: the 21-year-old was arrested at a Chicago Walgreens, where he was allegedly drunk and refusing to leave. This was at 2:30 a.m. on Sunday morning; at first he was detained by a security guard, and then taken away by police, who booked him and released him on bond at 7 a.m. His official charge was misdemeanor criminal trespassing and he is due to appear in court November 28.

Man, I can't wait to hear Shia's side of the story. I mean, there has to be a good reason for what happened. And even if not, who hasn't been drunk at a Walgreens on a Saturday night once in their life? The thing is, the police didn't test LaBeouf's sobriety since he wasn't driving (how did he get there? who was he with? inquiring minds want to know details!), and so there's no proof that he was in fact drunk. Of course, it hardly matters if he was sober, because right now the whole world is reading about his drunkenness. At least this is the perfect time for a scandal, if he must have one. It's many months past his successes with Disturbiaand Transformers and many months before he'll be seen in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull -- not that people would not see that movie just because of this incident. I doubt Spielberg will even have to scold him at all.
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