Okay, so apparently Vin Diesel wasn't the only celebrity to get their breakdancing groove on back in the 80s. I'll admit Diesel's instructional breakdancing video is pretty hilarious, but at least it least it was edited fairly well. In this video, circa 1985, Cuba Gooding Jr. stars in one of those fast-paced, breakdancing montages with one helluva kickin' soundtrack. It's killer! My favorite part of the video is when they hold up a card that says, "Starring" and then flash a shot of Cuba Gooding Jr. But they don't show his name; instead, they cut from Cuba to a license plate that says "Black Girls Are Bad" -- so it almost looks like they're trying to tell you that this short stars some random kid and bad black girls. Eventually, they throw up Cuba Gooding's name in graffiti lettering (because you weren't cool in the 80s unless you knew how to write your name in graffiti), and grainy footage continues with a bunch of kids breakdancing. Someone takes a bite out of Mickey Mouse, there are kids breakdancing on rollerskates, and, well, why don't you watch it for yourself. How he went from this to Daddy Day Camp ... I have no idea.

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