Right from the start it's clear they're marketing this one as a straight drama, and the trailer plays out more like a thriller. After earning raves for Match Point, then boos for his follow-up comedy Scoop, Woody Allen returns with his third UK-set film Cassandra's Dream. Terry (Ewan McGregor) and Ian (Colin Farrell) are brothers who can't seem to stay out of debt. When their rich Uncle (Tom Wilkinson) comes to town, both boys rush to his side with hopes the man with help them elude their monetary woes. However, things don't come that easily: In exchange for money, their Uncle wants the boys to "get rid" of a business partner ... if you know what I mean. Throw in a romantic interest with not-so-great intentions (Hayley Atwell), and Woody hopes to win back some of his fans with yet another drama that blends crime, romance and lust. But will the results taste as good?

In her review of the film from Toronto, Monika had mixed feelings about the film -- most of which had to do with how unlikable both brothers are, and the strange shifts in tone. She says, "While the brothers are quite unlikable with their wavering morals and crappy lack of common sense, they do have some intriguing layers. Terry is the superficial "bad" guy with his drinking and gambling, but he's got a much tougher conscience than his outwardly do-gooder brother who is more opportunistic than loyal. Just when you think Ian couldn't get worse -- he does." The trailer looks interesting, and some folks are loving this film, so I guess we'll see how it really does when Cassandra's Dream arrives in theaters on December 28.