You know you must like an actor when you are willing to sit through a film you are convinced you have already seen dozens of times before. The new website for the crime drama Pride and Glory has launched with fancy new photos and a theatrical trailer. Pride was co-written by Joe Carnahan and director Gavin O' Connor, and was inspired by O'Connor's childhood growing up in a home full of policeman. O'Connor was quoted as saying, "My father was a New York City detective, and I grew up in that world. It's a celebration of honest cops, which was everything my father was about. Though it is fictional, it is an homage to my father". New Line president Toby Emmerich had reportedly been a big fan of the script and made sure that the project found a home at New Line.

The film focuses on a family who are at the center of a police corruption scandal that could ruin not only their careers, but tear apart the entire family. Norton stars as a good cop up against crooked cops and the "Blue Code of Silence" when he is put in charge of solving the murder of four police officers. Joining Norton are Colin Farrell as the the black sheep of the family (as to be expected) with Jon Voight stepping in as the patriarch. The part had originally gone to Nick Nolte, but due to a knee-injury he had to be replaced by Voight. Pride and Glory will hit theaters on March 14th, 2008.

[via Latino Review]