Some people like to air their private, dirty (or cleaned) laundry publicly -- Whitney Houston and Johnny Depp are two celebrities who have put undergarments up for auction (granted, for very different reasons). Some laundry, of the less-literal variety, stays hidden, or gets revealed by those hot, unauthorized biographies. And, just sometimes, the stories come out years after the star passes on. According to The Guardian, the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, a place I've been dying to visit, has gotten one heck of a collection of loot -- Katharine Hepburn's writings and theater memorabilia.

There's personal notes, fan mail from the likes of Judy Garland, Charlton Heston, Laurence Olivier, and Henry Fonda, receipts, stage dimensions, and records of some pretty funny stories. You see, people don't get in trouble with the law like they used to. These days, there's scary mugshots, racial slurs, and drunken craziness, but Kate, she knew how to handle a cop. Among the notes is her account of facing an Oklahoma state police officer: "She lambasted him for being a 'moron,' called him 'handsome in a dull sort of way,' and snapped that she was sorry she did not have a week to take off to deal with his complaint. Then she threatened that if she ever found an Oklahoma car in Connecticut 'I would flatten all the tyres.'" That lady had spunk. If you want to see the goodies for yourself, they'll go on display in February.
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