New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is getting in on all the sex that's happening in his city, and it doesn't look to be one of those teaser scenes created to confuse fans. Reuters reports that according to his spokesman Stu Loeser, the mayor will follow in ex-mayor Ed Koch's footsteps and shoot a cameo for Sex and the City: The Movie at Bryant Park in midtown Manhattan tonight. Unfortunately, there were no other details released about his role. I imagine he won't get to strut his stuff on the catwalk like Koch did, but I'm kind of hoping he'll be ice skating on the now-open ice rink, or something similar. Cameos are good and all, but ones that require the guest to be active in the scene are even better.

That being said, Sex and the City has been a bit risque with politics, so maybe it's best for him to smile, maybe throw out a line or two, and hit the road. Before finally nabbing Mr. Big, Carrie dated a politician for a few episodes -- one who had a penchant for golden showers. While I'd give props to any real politician who would take on such a role, that just isn't going to happen, unless said politician is losing their mind. So for now, expect a vanilla glance at Bloomberg. Or, maybe he'll meet Big for lunch and share tips -- Reuters did refer to him as "New York City's real-life Mr. Big."
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