So while we are all trying to cope with the fallout of the writers strike, it still seems like it's business as usual in Hollywood -- at least for the productions that were given pre-strike priority. ComingSoon reports that Mexican newspaper El Norte says that the big-screen version of Dragon Ball Z is coming to shoot on location in Durango, Mexico. Back in October, rumors first surfaced that James Wong of X-Files fame was slated to direct a live-action version of the classic manga. Judging by what I've seen in terms of fan reaction to the choice, it doesn't look like Wong has gotten the seal of approval just yet.

First appearing on Japanese television in 1989, Dragon Ball Z was based on the original Dragon Ball manga. The story focused on Son Goku (the protagonist from the original manga) now passing along his "butt-kicking wisdom" to his sons. According to ComingSoon, the script for the film will focus on a "young boy called Goku. He faces Evil Vegueta [sic], who tries to destroy the hero to prove that Goku is not the legendary warrior many believe he is".

While original reports had the film shooting in Montreal Canada, I guess the allure of warmer climates won out in the end. According to Coming Soon's sources, the production will be using "Mexiquillo Forest, Marley Ranch, Hacienda la Providencia, La Joya Ranch, Laguna Seca de Santiaguillo and a forum from a Convention Center in the Culture Institute". Construction for the sets will begin later in the month, and start shooting in January. Dragon Ball Z is tentatively scheduled for release in 2010.
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