Hmm, does this newly-released photo from the film Righteous Kill remind you of anything? A scene from another film, perhaps? One that starred Al Pacino and Robert De Niro? Anyone? Anyone? Kilmer? Empire Online has the first batch of grainy stills (what's up with the quality?) from the flick Righteous Kill, starring "Say hello to my little friend" and "You talkin' to me" opposite one another for the first time since Heat. However, in this film they're on the same side, which means we'll get to look forward to tons of face-to-face "So, how much did they pay you for dis?" action.

In Righteous Kill, Pacino and De Niro star as two NYC police officers investigating a string of murders committed by a serial killer. Directed by John Avnet, and written by Inside Man's Russell Gewirtz, Righteous Kill also stars Carla Gugino (whose character has romantic ties to De Niro -- lucky old bastard!), 50 Cent, Brian Dennehy, John Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg (both of whom play fellow detectives). The film is currently in post production and no release date is set -- though I imagine we'll be seeing it hit theaters in March (maybe April) of next year ... I hope. Regardless of what people think about this film -- and what they think of the aging Pacino and De Niro -- I'm pretty stoked to watch both men together again on the big screen. How about you?

Ahem ........

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