And, we're back. Killer B's on DVD has been on hiatus for the last month so I could concentrate on contributing to all the Halloween shenanigans here on Cinematical. If you're like me and it's always Halloween at your house, then feel free to check out some of that cool scary content right here. Now though, it's time once again to get our collective B movie groove on. See Jane Run is a recent DVD release from Cinema Epoch, and like Mad Cowgirl, the last disk I reviewed from them, this new flick deals with madness and a passion for eating meat.

Joe Estevez's career hasn't been quite as stellar as that of his brother Martin Sheen or nephews Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez, but he's an actor who works regularly with such recent credits to his name as Zombie Farm, Sigma Die!, and San Franpsycho. His performance here is restricted to a pre-credits sequence in which he places a makeshift marker on what appears to be a grave and is then decapitated by a shovel. Nice work if you can get it. According to the audio commentary with producers Jennifer Clary and Kevin Haberer, this footage was shot six months after principal photography had wrapped. The sequence has little if any bearing on the rest of the film and exists solely to inject the movie with whatever star power Estevez can muster.
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